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A passion turned into a business

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Hello my name is Shanita,  I am a self taught hobby baker that specializes in custom cakes, Booka Bakes was birthed out of my love for baking cupcakes, the encouragement of my mother and the hope of providing a better life for my then only child Anaya.  God has truly blown my mind by blessing me with a gift that I did not know that I had. I started hobby baking in 2010 as a means to make extra money to provide for my daughter. Four years later my mother who was battling stage four cancer pushed me to pursue greater by turning my occasional hobby into a business. With the motivation of her last words, a new baby on the way and much prayer I stepped out on faith and officially launched Booka Bakes LLC. The company is named after myself "Boo" and my daughter Anaya and Mom "Pooka". The logo is an animated picture of Anaya w/ pink dogwood flowers hovering above her head. My mother loved her dogwood trees and as a way of paying homage to her and her battle with cancer I chose the pink dogwood flowers as a reminder to never give up.

Although my mother is no longer with us in the natural I know her spirit lives on. I have a great support system by way of my amazing husband Jerome, my brother Dajun, my kids, my Aunt Neicy, cousins and a host of other family and friends. I pray that through my baking I can share the love that I have received from so many. This is my journey...where passion meets pastryt!

"For much given, much is required" - Luke 12:48.

Tell me something good...... Who or what motivates you not to give up? How can we turn our pain into a passion that produces something positive?

My mother standing under her Dogwood Tree.

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