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Get your hands dirty: invest in yourself!

My favorite part of the "caking" process is the gratification I get while decorating. In part, the process stresses me out and yet it also soothes my nerves. Does that make sense? No, but it's the only way I can describe the emotional roller coaster ride that is Shanita + Cake.

So back to the blog...... As for me, I tend to jump into each new project head first.... no real prior knowledge of how things work, a vision in my head and passion burning in my heart to see it come to life. When I first started working with fondant in 2016, I learned that I had a gift for decorating BUT underneath that fondant it was a HOT UNHOLY MESS. My cakes were wonky, not filled properly and just barely holding together. I had supplied this beautiful garment for my cake to wear but forget to invest in good undergarments. *** I call the process before covering with fondant applying the "cake girdle". If your foundation is out of whack you will see everything under it! Every place were the buttercream was not smooth, every dent where the cake had not been leveled properly. It completely took away from all of the hard work and time I put into the decorating portion.

From that moment I decided to take a break and start all over again. I took a month off to just invest in myself. I had to learn the basics and fundamentals of cake filling, frosting and stacking. I took time to save time. I stacked my "cake coins" and invested in a private class with the A-Mazing Erin Schwartz (LOVE HER). She is also a perfectionist with an eye for detail. It was such a privilege to watch how if I took my time everything came out as she promised it would. Because I felt like the baking part was my area of weakness I would rush through it to get to the "fun part" aka decorating. Not knowing that if I started wrong I would finish with a sub par base to work on.

Now I'm proud of the level of work that I put out. Is it perfect? No but it's my best. And in this industry you can only compare your work with what's in you to create. I'm proud of myself because first I saw a problem and took the time to correct it and secondly I'm one step closer to shattering that stigma that Home bakers can't produce professional work. My cakes not only taste good, they look professional. It's one thing to build a following of friends and family it's another to turn your business into a household name. I hope this post inspires you to invest in yourself whatever your brand. There used to be a song that we sang, "May the work I've done speak for me!" What is the work you are putting out saying about you? Can you be flexible for the sake of furthering the growth of your brand? Are you teachable? Don't be satisfied with just putting out a good product when you have greatness in you. Continue to push and invest in yourself!

Tell me something good....... I would love to hear what emotions are sparked when you're in the kitchen conquering the cake decorating process. Whether it's dealing with evil elephant skin or those disrespectful "cake poots" that seem to surface as soon as you get your fondant smooth. Take sometime to work on your "cake girdle" process this week. <3

Learning how to fill and frost cake
My practice cake
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30 mar 2019

Hello! For the sake of transparency, I am the husband of the best baker known to mankind Shanita McClain. While many will see some potential bias in that statement, which I would admit to being maybe a bit impartial, I can confidently say that my wife's passion as a baker can't be matched. I'm so proud of her commitment to excellence, high standards for herself and the products she creates. Her attention to detail and professionalism is not only displayed in her designs but also in her packaging, communications and overall client experience.


Proud Husband

Mi piace
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